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●All in 1 Business Solution (ERP)
●Premium Cloud & 99% Uptime Guarantee Multi Level Users Feature. Secret, Safe & Secure.
●Features- Point of Sale (POS), Auto Invoice, Auto invoice SMS, SMS Marketing, Invoice/Quotation/Liability Email sending, Stock/inventory, Barcode, Customer Due/installment, Accounting, Report, Production/Manufacturing*, Task Management*, Servicing Management*, Asset Management*, CRM*, etc with more & more features.
●Special for- Showroom, Wirehouse/Godown, Bakery, Pharmacy, Restaurant, Supershop, Factory, Buying House & Other Company/Enterprise
●Use anytime from anywhere on any device with internet connection.
●Very Easy to Use

Starting from
1,980 BDT
49,100 Setup Fee
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School/Madrasah Management

1999 BDT Setup Fee
All in 1 System
24/7 Service
Dedicated Management System
99% Uptime Guarantee
Call & Email Customer Support
10 BDT/M per user
●or, 99 BDT/Year per user